A perfect home-
based business for parents, teachers,
and teens
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Do you like to cook?
Cook up a home-based business that is fun and tasty! Start a cooking camp in your home.

Are you the sporty type?
Create your own sports camp for tennis, cheerleading or canoeing…

Is art your passion?
Start a camp for pottery, collage art, painting, scrapbooking, drawing, or sculpting…

Are you a game fanatic?
Set up the chess board, LEGOs, or robots…

Whatever you enjoy, you can create a camp to match.

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One person who saw an advance copy of this book said “she’s giving away too many secrets!”

I have tried to tell you everything that I think
you need to know to get your camp started and to help you be successful
from the beginning.

Try it for yourself!

Banana Nut
Bread Recipe

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By Kathy Peel,

Dear Reader,
After years of running a children’s cooking camp,
I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you. With a little bit of planning, you’ll be ready to create your own successful home-based camp and get your business going quickly.

A home-based camp business involves minimal start-up expense and can be profitable the first year. Even in a tight economy, both working parents and at-home parents want to find quality summer educational experiences for their children.

Order this book now to find out how to:
• Supplement your family income
• Start a business on a shoestring budget
• Teach your child to be an entrepreneur
• Make memories with your children
• Share your talents with children in your community

Find out what to do (and not to do) to develop a home-based camp. Use these concepts to create theme camps for art, sports, photography, drama, crafts, pottery, computers, or science — whatever you enjoy.

You’ll find advice on marketing, how to grow your camper base, where to find potential campers, how to plan field trips, and how to set up your daily schedule.

This is what you’ll get in “Start Your Own Home-Based Summer Camp”:
• 150+ creative camp ideas
• 36 crafts and activities
• 60+ recipes for 8 cooking camp themes
• 60+ resources
• Marketing tips to attract and keep campers
• Basic daily and weekly schedules
• Templates for forms and paperwork
• Tips for Teachers
• Field trip prospects
• Sample press releases, fliers, and budgets
Plus: 4 Bonus Business Guides

Follow Your Passion
Could you succeed with a home-based camp of your own? Let me explain the processes I have developed and you can decide for yourself. If you have something you love to do, the basic approach should work for teaching many subjects: jewelry making, cheerleading, art, science, tennis, computers, drama, photography, chess, moviemaking, basketball, rock hounding, yoga, sewing, knitting, carpentry, gardening, or pottery — whatever you can dream up! You can adapt my approach to your community’s needs, a talent you have, and whatever environment you have available. The benefits could be huge for both you and your family.

My Guarantee:
Here’s my guarantee: If after 60 days, you don’t feel this book offered you all the info you needed to get started building a home-based camp business, I will refund your purchase price in full, and you can keep the free bonus business guides as my gift! Yes, free bonus business guides!

So I am offering my book  “Start Your Own Home-Based Summer Camp” for  less than a family night out at the movies!

Order now, and receive the book and all FOUR free bonus guides:

Bonus #1 — “Recreate Your Life: Summer is the Perfect Time to Grow a Dream” by Valerie Young, CareerBuilder.com
Bonus #2 — “How To Get Paid To Play: Turning Your Hobby Into Your Job” — ChangingCourse.com
Bonus #3 — “How to Finance Your Dreams” by Valerie Young, CareerBuilder.com
Bonus #4 — “How to Be an Entrepreneur,” audio download from Barbara Winter, JoyfullyJobless.com

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